Case Study: Illinois Tool Works

Illinois Tool Works
Milestone:  100th Anniversary
Copies In Print:  10,000
Objective:  Illinois Tool Works, a global diversified manufacturer, desired a full communications program that could serve as the anchor for its centennial celebration and showcase ITW's vibrant and innovative, not stodgy or outmoded, corporate culture.
Challenges:  With more than 800 decentralized business units, ITW wanted to strike a balance between honoring its diverse operations and crafting a unifying story. While ITW wanted a book as part of its program, the company did not want a hefty tome, and it wanted to emphasize multimedia presentation of the material.
Solutions:  We first developed a 20,000-word manuscript that highlighted the unique balance that ITW has struck between strong guiding principles and empowering decentralization as it has grown throughout the past century. We commissioned day-in the-life photography from several business units throughout the U.S. and Asia as well as at ITW's corporate headquarters to develop visual parity throughout the entire organization.
Fulfillment:  The text and imagery content became the basis for an 80-page coffee-table book, a six-minute video, a two-minute video, a multimedia iPad app, and various ebook platforms, all prepared simultaneously to go live upon ITW's anniversary celebration.
Results:  ITW could make use of an exciting, multimedia communications program that served not only as a vehicle for celebrating its milestone anniversary but also had useful outreach and marketing applications.
Illinois Tool Works A Toolbox for Success
Illinois Tool Works
Illinois Tool Works Book Page
Illinois Tool Works Book Page
Illinois Tool Works Key Tools
Illinois Tool Works Book Page

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