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Capturing a personal history in the pages of a book provides a lasting means to honor a legacy, communicate a perspective on the past, and define the values that offer a path for the future.

At Fenwick, we are experts at bringing words and images together to create a book tailored to the needs of families and individuals. We approach each project as the singular story it is, and apply the same rigorous research, custom design, and polished finished product that we do for our corporate clients. Because confidentiality is paramount in our work with private families and individuals, we employ methods and practices that protect our clients' privacy and personal property from start to finish.

We have a genuine passion for helping uncover and preserve the stories of accomplished and inspiring individuals and families, and we derive true pleasure and pride from the work we do. That care and attention to detail show in the custom nature of every book we produce, while the respect and discretion with which we approach our work ensure the comfort and security of all involved.

Gerald Hines
Kenneth Schnitzer
H. Wayne Huizenga
Walt and Milly Woodward
JD Power Family
Ernest Jacob Olde


Our projects offer a family an invaluable tool for reinforcing its principles and charting a path for future generations. Clients have turned to us at the infancy of their family office process, finding that the telling of their story helps solidify their goals. Family foundations have used a book that captures values, triumphs, and challenges as a means to focus philanthropic efforts. The process of gathering and digitally capturing a family's archives not only organizes materials but creates an instant repository for family members to access.


For some organizations, the subject for a book is an individual rather than the company. Founders, longtime leaders, and tireless entrepreneurs can have their personal histories documented with engaging words and stunning imagery that will capture the attention of generations to come. Biographies and memoirs can be closely held—shared only with family, friends, and colleagues—or made available for sale in bookstores.

Featured Case Studies

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    J.D. Power Family
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    Gary E. Milgard Family
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    Ernest Jacob Olde
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  • H. Wayne Huizenga

    H. Wayne Huizenga