Compelling Content

We are a non-traditional publishing house with a passion for communicating and leveraging the history, culture, innovations, and vision of a business. While we are known for our high-quality books, what truly defines a Fenwick project is the compelling content we deliver—interviews, anecdotes, manuscripts, archival and day-in-the-life imagery, video, and unique design. With two decades of corporate publishing experience, we recognize the value in providing a comprehensive plan that utilizes the content we create to support every facet of a client's business.

Award-Winning Writers

We work with industry journalists and award-winning, non-fiction authors to research, conduct interviews, and craft a compelling story that expresses the character of the organization. By focusing on the themes that define a business, the leaders who have shaped it, and the anecdotes that personalize it, we deliver a lively story that captures the reader's attention.
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Design as unique as our clients

When we design a book, we present several concepts for review. Each concept considers the nature of the business, the design of a client's current publications, the materials available, and the outline for the story. The result is a custom package with the right look and feel for the client. Custom doesn't mean expensive; it means that we work within a budget to produce the best product we can at a price the customer can afford.

Town & Country Markets
CBRE Service
Rohm and Haas
Family Dollar Stores
H. Wayne Huizenga
Rickey Castanis Dubuffet Moroles Kelly Miro Moore
Hines Italia
The Story of Alex Lee

Wealth of imagery

To visually support the narrative, we look to our clients' existing archives, as well as third-party sources of archival materials. We also commission and art direct photo shoots of our clients' organizations today. The effect on the page is a rich combination of old and new, and the resulting digital archive is an invaluable resource for preservation and our clients' future projects.

Archival Imagery

Our team surveys each client's existing archives to identify photographs, objects, and documents that can be used to create a visual record of the company's history. Priceless objects as well as those that appear commonplace on an office shelf take on new meaning and importance when paired with a compelling caption and displayed with amazing crispness in the pages of a Fenwick book.

Day-in-the-Life Photography and Video

In addition to our staff photographing archival materials, we also artistically capture the human elements of an organization with new photography and video. We have traveled the world to art direct photo and video shoots and interviews of our clients' employees, products, events, and operations. The result is anything but stock: it is our customers' people, doing our customers' work.

Circular grass
Antique letter
JD Power
Varnish Laboratory
Seniors exercising
Machine shop