Case Study: Gary E. Milgard Family

Gary E. Milgard Family
Copies In Print:  2,500
Objective:  Gary Milgard, the founder of Milgard Manufacturing, wanted to tell the story of his life and the company he created in a modest manner that reflected his own humble nature.
Challenges:  When we began work on the project, the company had been sold to another manufacturing company and Gary had been diagnosed with an illness that periodically affected his memory and also made the completion of the project urgent.
Solutions:  We developed a simple yet elegant book with a moderate number of images that reflected the humbleness of the man himself. Our editorial team worked directly with Gary to document his recollections and photograph his personal and professional mementos. We utilized the corporate access that Gary retained as founder to interview longtime employees and photograph the company archives.
Fulfillment:  We delivered finished books to Gary for him to personally distribute.
Results:  Gary Milgard was able to complete and distribute his biography to friends, family, and employees one year before he succumbed to cancer. His family foundation gained a lasting tribute to its founder.
Gary E Milgard and Family
Gary E Milgard Sharing Success
Gary E Milgard Rapid Expansion

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